Harriet Sams

Nwyfre Ecotherapy and Heritage
County Durham
I am a prehistoric archaeologist, ecotherapist, energy worker, ritualist, yoga teacher and ancestor connector. I have been connected to Spirit of the Land who has come to me in many ways, as Brigit, Gaia, as Baldr and as God and Goddess since I was a very small child. My work weaves a bridge between the living land and our human experience of it. I work in the UK and Western Europe, guiding walks over the land in the moorland of the upper Pennines, connecting people to their shared heritage, through ritual, land walking and drumming. I also give talks and classes to both children and adults in schools and in community groups. During Lockdown, I am concentrating much of my work online, offering 1-2-1 ecotherapy, healing, presentations and eco-listening and death cafè circles.
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