Fran Weinbaum

Vermont Wilderness Rites
​Fran Weinbaum, the principal guide of Vermont Wilderness Guides, has been guiding vision fasts since 1996. Fran lives in East Montpelier, Vermont, balancing the tending of goats, garden and hearth, and being a grandmother with work as a wilderness quest guide and ontological life coach. In all aspects of her life and work, Fran has come to trust that the power, the beauty, and the authenticity of going out on the land and listening deeply will bring people what they need to live their lives with deeper passion, meaning and purpose.

Listening to a dream that instructed her to “bring this work to the women of her community,” Fran began offering wilderness quests to women in North Central Vermont in 2010 and is part of that growing Circle of women who are weaving their lives together.  Fran's guiding has been influenced by guides and teachers at The School of Lost Borders, Animas Valley Institute, the Institute for Spiritual Development, Earth Island Expeditions (now MettaEarth Institute), and the Newfield Network—and most importantly by the stories that people have brought back from the land.
United States