Dying to become fully alive

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 to Sunday, May 16, 2021
Groß Thondorf, North Germany, 70km south of Hamburg
Sliding scale of 300 € - 500 €
Dying to become fully alive

Watching people in a dying process, we can often witness what is necessary to say goodbye and letting go 
of their old lifes!
It is about bringing their lifes to a good end...making peace with yourself and the people around.
We don´t need to wait until the end of our lifes to clean up.
We can do that again and again...
This will support us to do the next appropriate steps in our lifes and walk our way in balance with beauty and pain.
We are using the old wisdom of dying practices to become fully alive!
In these 5 days we first step on decision road, where we can explore how it feels saying good bye to our old lifes.
Second we will use the metaphor of death lodge to make it good with our people...as good as it is possible for now.
Third we will sit in our purpose circle...reflecting back our lifes...how can we make it good with ourselves...to be able to find peace within?
And for the final ceremony we step into the bardo of mystery...an existence between death and rebirth...from there we deeply listen.
What is calling me into my new life?
Why am i here?
Who am i?

We deeply welcome your courage to join us for this trip!