Darcy Ottey

Youth Passageways, Pacific Quest, Rite of Passage Journeys
Methow Valley

Since her own wilderness-based coming of age experience through Rite of Passage Journeys at age 13, Darcy Ottey has been passionate about the importance of creating intentional rite of passage experiences for young people and adults.  This formative experience brought her back to Rite of Passage Journeys five years later, to begin an informal apprenticeship in youth initiation with Stan Crow that continued for over a decade, eventually culminating in her service as Executive Director of the program from 2006-2011. Along the way, she also gained experience working with youth in a variety of nature-based programs, from Outward Bound to Aspen Youth Alternatives.  Currently, Darcy serves as a rite of passage consultant to Pacific Quest, where she provides vision fasts, training, and consulting for the staff of this innovative, highly structured horticultural therapy program.  She is honored to serve as Coordinator of Youth Passageways, a cross-cultural network of individuals, organizations, and communities helping to initiate young people into mature adulthood during this time of global change.  

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