Daian Hennington

As both a clinical social worker licensed in California, and a wilderness rites of passage guide, I have over 20 years of experience supporting people in transition through life passages.  As a grandmother of multi-cultural heritage I bring a pan-cultural perspective and some life experience.
At this time I am happy to offer soulful explorations in nature through day long or weekend retreats for individuals and groups, usually in Central California. I have experience adapting this work to varying levels of physical ability.
I was first initiated into a coming of age Wilderness Rite of Passage when I was 17 years old at Lake Vernon in the Hetch Hetchy of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California.  I have since been initiated in other life passages over the years and been guided by Beth Beurkens’ Woman Quest, Michael Harner’s Core Shamanism and by the School of Lost Borders.