Creative Imaginings: Awakening the Seeds of Inspiration Through the Four Shields of Nature

Creative Imaginings
Friday, October 8, 2021 to Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Catalina State Park, Tucson, AZ
$450 - $750 sliding scale
Here we are, unfurling into a new world of compassion and care for each other, a time to find the deep seeds of inspiration that are waiting for the imaginal spark to pull us up and out of our slumber these past months and beyond.
As the natural rhythms of life unfold, season by season, we are reminded of the rootedness in our lives, especially when difficulty or suffering has been a constant companion.  We long for a path forward, a nugget of inspiration; encouragement to trust and lean into the longing.  This is what opens us to the spark of aliveness and creativity.
This program is geared towards the Wild Seeds of Inspiration, the spark that propels us forward and opens us to the creative process. Ample spaciousness will allow us to tap into and discover what lies waiting to burst forth, our own exquisite innate expressions of creativity inspired by time spent together in nature.
Please join us as we discover the woven patterns of inspiration and the sacredness of everything.  This is where creativity lives!