Community Guidelines


Community Guidelines 
As a member of the Wilderness Guides Council (WGC), I agree to practice the following guidelines within the WGC community in the service of the health of our community, our world, and future generations. 

I.  I will live by the principles of Council including:

A. serving the purpose and intention of the group and offering up what will serve self, the Circle and Spirit.
B. speaking and listening from my heart and being mindful in my interactions with others.
C. communicating directly with any person with whom I have a concern or conflict, rather than engaging in gossip.
D. abiding by the wisdom of the community, even if that means letting go of an issue, changing my behavior, or leaving the community.

II.  I will maintain healthy community relations, including:

A. taking responsibility for myself, my feelings, my assumptions and reactions, and asking for help when I need it.
B. being willing to think of myself as part of the community rather than as solely an individual.
C. being willing to admit that I do not hold the whole truth.
D. recognizing and validating the opinions and experiences of others.
E. focusing on my own opportunities for personal growth instead of on what others are or are not doing.
F. being aware of the effect I have on the community and striving to create no harm.
G. honoring and respecting the many ways in which we offer our work.

III.  I will seek resolution with the goal of mutual understanding and reconciliation including:

A. understanding that my membership in the WGC is dependent upon my willingness to use the conflict resolution procedures
B. meeting in person if feasible; otherwise using the mode of communication (phone, email, letter) that will best support the process of Council.
C. respecting and honoring the spirit of Council, regardless of the mode of communication.
D. making every attempt to address and resolve concerns outside of the annual gathering.
E. following the outlined procedures in the order described until resolution is reached