Clif Weldon & Maria Bucaro

Maria and Clif bring their own unique style and energy to the ceremony of questing, guiding couples as a couple. Offering individual quests as well as Couple's Quests.

Clif did his own personal quest in 1995. When Clif and Maria met, Clif asked Maria is she would ever consider doing a quest. Her immediate response was "YES - and  it was the most profound experience of my life, including all of the personal growth work I have done."  Because the quest was so profound, both Maria and Clif decided to train as guides. They trained with  Condor Vision, whose lineage is with Stephen Foster and Meredith Little, the School of Lost Borders. 

Maria's passion is guiding women and specializes in personal inner journey's and particularly in body image - loving your body, based on the book she wrote, "Love Your Body Now!"

Clif's passion is men's work and loves to guide men. Clif comes from an extensive background in the Mankind Project and was the Center Director for the Santa Barbara area for the past 4 years. He has trained many men and facilitated many men's circles. 
Clif and Maria now bring together their years of experience of working with men and women and have created the "Couple's Quest."
The Couple's Quest came to be when Clif and Maria did a personal quest together and explored what it would be like for a couple to quest together. Again, the experience was profound for them personally and they decided to create an experience for couples to quest together.

Maria and Clif also offer Medicine Walks (aka day walk/earth walk) and are available for individuals, couples or groups.

Maria and Clif offer co-ed quests, women's quests and men's quests.
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