Circles on the Moutain 2017

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Editor's Note:

Once more we swing back to the fundamentals of Severance – Threshold – Incorporation and hear what each of these phases of wilderness rites of passage have to teach us. This issue of Circles on the Mountain is rich with the time- tested experiences of many guides, who offer us useful and inspirational new tools for the trade.

We find that severance, threshold, and incorporation, either one or all three, have been applied to corporations and cancer; to confronting the current political situation in the U.S.; to creating communities and “tribes” of initiation; to moving through grief and surgery; to the poet Yeats; to academia; to leaving beloved land.

We find practical suggestions about medicine names, the giveaway, and building thresholds. We discover how we can strengthen incorporation practices and build supportive community. We innovate and develop mini-quests.

In sharing our experiences, practices, and resources, we continue to learn from each other. We encourage and enlighten. We broaden our perspectives. In this issue of Circles we feel how much we care about our work and how versatile we are and how varied are the applications of the ceremony. Once more we are blessed by this publication in service to all.

With gratitude for our sharing and caring,
Nancy and Sara

​Condor Vision Quest: Severance – Threshold – Incorporation - Farion Pearce
Surgery as Ceremony - Sara Harris
Good Grief, How Do You Prepare? - Shea Armstrong
A Gathering of Guides - Keith Kilburn
WILD – Wordplay in Loving Delight - Jennifer Wilhoit
The End of a Good Story - Sage Abella
Ancestor Preparation: On Becoming a Good Dead Person - Betsy Perluss
In the Last 3 Minutes - Corinna Stoeffl
Where Is my Tribe? - Scott Eberle
Threshold - Kinde Nebeker
Guiding the Crossing of the Threshold - Lia Naor
When Is the Threshold Ceremony Complete? - Glenis Taylor
On the Construction of Rites of Passage Thresholds - Tina Fields
Crossing the Threshold: A Cancer Survivor’s Tribute to Inauguration - Petra Lentz-Snow
Medicine Name - Kent Pearce
Incorporation: A Lifetime Journey, Actually - Jennifer Wilhoit
The Magic of the Giveaway - Nancy Jane
Getting What You Got - Trebbe Johnson
Magpie - Keith Kilburn
Great Offering - Michelle Katz
Incorporation: Building Bridges and Crossing Oceans - Jon Kern
Incorporation of the Corporation - Randy Dolan
Wilderness Rites of Passage in Academia - Sherry Ellms
The Whys, Wherefores and Benefits of MINIQUESTING - Phil Baum
Yeats and the Journey of Soul Initiation - Bill Plotkin