Circles on the Mountain 2015

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Editor's Note:

In this issue you will find many reflections of the 2015 theme: Enacting our vision so the people may live. The stories here remind us of the myriad ways that the ceremony of the vision fast serves special populations, generates cultural renewal, and advances community health.

The wilderness solo offers a foundational matrix on which we can map the experience of our human condition. We find an inner compass that carries us through hard times. There are a number of stories from South Africa, in honor of the 6th International Wilderness Guides Gathering that took place in October, 2014, outside of Cape Town. We found extraordinary unity in diversity at that Gathering, and the writing of several participants from South Africa reminds us of the universality of the work across time, cultures and populations.

The articles in Circles on the Mountain 2015 enrich both our individual and collective lives as guides. The young authors are carrying the torch of this work into the shantytowns of South Africa. One writer muses on the Buddhist meditation practice of Chöd and how it mirrors the severance phase of the vision fast. Another records his experience of a loved one making the final crossing into death and tracks her journey against his experience as a quest guide. Ancestors are here, welcomed and honored. We are reminded of what is sacred about our circles and the power of a ritual village. Poems touch us beyond their words. We learn from frogs and baboons. The challenges of the quest are noted, along with the ongoing need to support reincorporation and to recognize new guides.

Soliciting submissions for Circles on the Mountain is never easy, but what an inspiration they provide once collected! May this year’s offerings pry open new corners of your heart. Enjoy!

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Reflections on a Dandelion - Gayle Kent
A Whole and Courageous Death Lodge - Rob Miller
To Be Free - Darius Sylvester
Welcoming Wet Mice in a New Millennium - Kent Pearce
Circle - Jennifer Wilhoit
An Interview with - Anne Stine Susan Hagen
Gcobani Talks to the Frogs - Gillian Wilton
The Ritual Village - Nancy Jane
Questing on Ancestral Land - Kinde Nebeker
To My Forefathers - Eric Raymond
Vision in Action: Whole Embodied Practice - Jennifer Wilhoit
Finding Gifts along the Rocky Road - Johnwhin Meyer
What I brought Back - Keith Kilburn
Human, Nature - Sparrow Hart
Who We Are - Petra Lentz-Snow
To Be - Keith Kilburn
Spreading the Merit - Phil Baum
You Know - Keith Howchi Kilburn
Blow Seed - Petra Lentz-Snow
It Is Sacred - Fran Weinbaum
Sandile and the Baboons - Gillian Wilton
Dare to Trust - Carol Wilburn
Being Who You Are - Corinna Stoeffl
Circles Serving in South Africa - Scott Davidson