Circles on the Mountain 2014

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2014 Edition: The Mirror of Nature

This issue invites us to freshly ponder how we relate to the natural world and how we organize our identity and beliefs around that relationship.  Although authors' writings may differ, what they all share are delightful stories of intelligent wisdom discovered in communion with Nature.

Editor's Note - by Nancy Jane
A Lesson from SprucesTrebbe Johnson
Courtship - Petra Scanlan
Mirror in a Mirror - Kinde Nebeker
God does the Healing, I collect the Money - Phil Baum
Sierra Haikus - Keith Kilburn
Reflection or Entanglement - Geneen Marie Haugen
The Land Sews Present and Past  - Jennifer Wilhoit  
Something Star-like in Us Watches - Joseph Rubano
Mirrors and Oracles - Bill Plotkin
Spawn Song - Kirt Hodges
Bride of Fog - Keith Kilburn
The Wisdom of ‘Giving Breath to’ - Jennifer Wilhoit
The Nature of Transformation - Sage Abella
too moon - Keith Kilburn
On a Hill in Central Crimea - Fran Weinbaum
Gratitude and Goodbye in the Medicine Wheel - Karen Rempel
The House of Impermanence - Mike Beck
the truths we hide Keith - Howchi Kilburn
Cracked Open - Petra Lentz-Snow
Warriors for the Earth -
Corinna Stoeffl
Be as a Human Tree - Carol Wilburn
A Sockeyed View - Salmon Heart (Kent Pearce)