Circles on the Mountain 2013

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2013 Edition: Rites of Passage in a Rapidly Changing World

In this varied, rich and provocative issue, readers will find deeply personal stories about cancer recovery, veterans with post-traumatic stress, gender choice, farming, generational healing and reconciliation, becoming an Elder, and creating a sustainable lifestyle. The individual’s personal journey toward wholeness is in service to a greater good. And now at this time in human history, with cultural upheaval and planetary change, perhaps this journey is more critical than ever.

Living the Questions: Editorial - Fran Weinbaum
Collage: Editorial - Jennifer Wilhoit
Coming Down the Mountain - Kinde Nebeker
Little Falling Bird and Chipmunk: A Teaching Story Revealed - Ann DeBaldo, with John Davis and Julia Dengel                                                                       
Soccer Coach, Scout Leader, Vision Quest Guide:Guiding as Volunteerism -
Farion and Kent Pearce
To Be - Keith Howchi Kilburn
Persistence in the Face of Adversity - Phil Baum
The World Demands a Role in Rites of Passage Work - Edith Kusnic
Reconciliation - Holger Heiten
In Connection - Anastasiya Hromova
The Road Decorated With Embroidery - Marina Kostina
Soul Encounter, Wholing, and Self-Healing:
A Conversation with Bill Plotkin
 - Interview by Fran Weinbaum
Bridges and Ripe Communities - Carol Wilburn
Beyond the Train of Taught: 9 August 2012 Pine Mountain, California - Randy Dolan
Gender Reconciliation: A Healing Conversation between Men and Women -
Nancy Jane and Jason Geoffrion
The Land Dance: Farming as Initiation - Travis Slagle
A Journey with Trees: Seeking Balance in a Rapidly Changing World - 
Fran Weinbaum
The Condor Clan: Conception - Members of the Community
You Know - Keith Howchi Kilburn
Called - Darcy Ottey
Death Manifesto: From Two Valleys North of Death - Heather Heintz
Wild Yoga: A Call to Deep Listening - Rebecca Wildbear
Skeleton Poem, Shadow Council: West Shield - Jaroslava Vatay
A New Renewal Fast - Farion Pearce
A Story Weaving, An Artful Rendition: Words from “Weaving Our Lives in a Circle” 
Ukraine 2012 - 
Elizabeth Fabry
Inner Wilderness, Outer Landscape:
Bridging the Wild Within with the Non-Wild Natural World - 
Jennifer J. Wilhoit
Roots to Flowers . . . ?  - Keith Howchi Kilburn
Life Change  - Mack Gooding-Waldron, Bold Heart
The Blanket of Beauty  - Carol Wilburn
Cancer as a Rite of Passage  - Petra Lentz-Snow
Fifth International Guides Gathering: Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine  - Meredith Little
Bare Bones of the Vision Fast Ceremony and Rites of Passage Work - Meredith Little, recorded and summarized by Cazeaux Nordstrum
Meeting Our Ancestors Workshop - Darcy Ottey, recorded and summarized by Denise Garibaldi
Grief Tending, Practice and Praise  - Jeremy Thres
Radical Joy For Hard Times Workshop - Trebbe Johnson