Circles on the Mountain 2012

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2012 Edition: Incorporating Community

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This issue is a composite understanding of "Incorporating Community."  We read here about strategies for creating and maintaining incorporation communities; calls for shifts in consciousness; the importance of maintaining global perspectives on difference, fasting, vision, guiding, and the evolution of incorporation.  We are fortified, too, by the reminder that our communities include all the Beings, as guides and teachers in simple beauty.  


Corpus in Community: An Editorial  - Jennifer J. Wilhoit
Rites of Passage for These Times - Meredith Little
I am Here Now - Don Cirillo
The Wilderness Guides Council and Community - Munro Sickafoose
​Difference in Community: Applying the Four Shields - John Davis
Making Village - Jeffrey Szilagyi
​Cowboy Campfires - Bette Lu Krause
Return of the Hero/ine - Keith Howchi Kilburn
​Incorporation - Susanne Petermann
Today - Petra Lentz-Snow
​The Council of All Beings - Don Cirillo, Humming Rock
The Call Into Elderhood - Kari McGee
Held - Farion Pearce
Untitled Poem - Mel Vandergriff
We Weave Our Lives in a Circle - Fran Weinbaum
​Communion and Community - Carol Wilburn
In Praise of the Strong Container - Darcy Ottey
​Emergent Communities of Interdependence - Larry Hobbs
To See and Be Seen: Reflections to my Community - Kap Young
"Living the Vision" - Anne Stine
​My People - Keith Howchi Kilburn
Crossing a Cultural Threshold - Shawn Berry
Here in Rappahannock I Belong to God - Denise Horton
A Ceremony for My Friend - Mike Bodkin
Can You Walk to Community or Are You There? - Trebbe Johnson