Circles on the Mountain 2011

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2011 Edition: Embracing Our Indigenous Soul

In poetry and prose, facts and musings, the indigenous soul speaks in the writings and contained in this truly amazing issues of Circles. The words are tender, desperate, hopeful, full of grief and, ultimately, all are filled with a deep love of Earth and all who dwell on and within Her. It is our cultivation of mutual dependency that waters our Souls so that we can in turn Come Down from the Mountain to Turn the World Around.

Editorial  - Fran Weinbaum
Something Ancient AwakensTrebbe Johnson
At the Center, At the Edge - Darcy Ottey
Letter to the Editor in Response to a Bishop Tribal MemberGigi Coyle
Indigenous DNA - Kent Pearce
Remembering and Reclaiming our Indigenous Soul - Nancy Jane
Circles within Circles within Circles on the MountainLeana Mmamarapelo Swanepoel
Soul RevelationFarion Pearce
Gratitude for Gaining the Eyes to SeeKirt Hodges
Ancient Voices - Scout Tomyris
Catching Ryan & Blackberry Jam - Denise Horton, Ed.M., Ph.D.  
Among Brothers... - Sergey Meged
A Contribution to Integration from a Second Ukrainian Vision Quest - Keith Howchi Kilburn
The Owl and My Indigenous Soul - Karen Rempel
Sentinels of Time - Nils Whittelsey
One with the Landscape - Jennifer J. Wilhoit
Indigenous Soul - Paul Andrade
The Earth Is Not a Machine: Close Encounters with the Indigenous Soul - Phil Baum
Enacting Our Indigenous Soul - Munro Sickafoose
Embracing Our Indigenous Soul - Peter Scanlan
It’s in the Return - Carol Wilburn
Indigenous Soul Awakens at Black Rock - Kinde Nebeker 
Turned Inside Out - Joseph Rubano