Circles on the Mountain 2010

SKU: 2010
2010 Edition: Challenges on the Sacred Mountain

 In this issue are the stories of those times when we stand on the edge of our own knowing as guides.  When, as guides, we not only need to prepare for the unlikely and unexpected events, we also are listening for the larger story that is being told.

Letter From the Editor - Fran Weinbaum
The Warrior’s Way - Michael “Miguel” Batz
Reflections on Wilderness Safety - Ron Pevny
Tragedy and Grace on the Sacred Mountain - Ann Linnea & Anne Stine
A Cautionary Tale of Lost and Found - Sara Harris
Medicine From the AncestorsLeana Mmamarapelo Swanepoel
another BIG-TIME - Keith “Howchi” Kilburn
Rap Songs for Safety and Other Risk-Management PracticesDave Talamo    
“I Don’t Know Where I Am or What I’m Supposed to be Doing” -
Disorientation and Grace on a Wilderness SoloJohn Davis & Shira Macklin 
Questing in a Hospital Bed - Ron Pevny & Anne Wennhold   
Mishaps That Won’t Go Away - Trebbe Johnson 
Written by the Initiate - Steven Foster & Meredith Little