Circles on the Mountain 2009

SKU: 2009
2009 Edition: Vision

Visions are often not of our lifetime. They are glimpses of what can be in the future with dedication to a path of love, gratitude, and surrender. What we touch when we sit on the land, empty and yearning, is our part in a much larger picture. This edition of Circles speaks to the importance of understanding the nature of vision and how we support others in their quest for understanding, purpose, and connection to Earth, Community and Spirit.

Editor’s Note - Fran Weinbaum
The Nature of Vision - Linda Weber
A New Coperican Revolution: A Vision for the Future - Munro Sickafoose
Another Vision Is Possible - Phil Baum
Resilience and Hardiness - John Davis
a single note - Keith Howchi Kilburn
She Sees - Keith Howchi Kilburn
In Search of the Collective Story: The Journey of the Earthlink Search Party - Darcy Ottey
2012: A Spaced Oddity - “Red Drum”
The Journey From Childhood to Adulthood: The Importance and Limitations of Rites of Passage - Bill Plotkin
The Wild in Us - Beth Beurkens
Fox Vision - Franz Redl and Claudia Pichl
Out of the Book, Onto the Land - Zelig Golden
Grounding Vision! - Jeremy Thres
Grounded - Phil Baum
Coyote and Writer - Steven Foster
Beyond Vision - Michael de Maria
Vision Pattern - Peter Scanlan
Bearing Witness to Life - Leonard Fleischer
(Untitled) - Petra Lenz Snow
What Is the Vision in a Vision Quest? - Trebbe Johnson
Life Cycle Story of “Jumping Mouse” - Skye Bailey
The Challenging Quest for Vision - Sparrow Hart  
Path of the Guides - Mel Vandergriff