Circles on the Mountain 2007

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2007 Edition: Miracles
"Miracle: 1.) and event or action that apparently contradicts known scientific laws and is hence thought to be due to supernatural causes, esp. to an act of God  2.) a remarkable event or thing; marvel  3.) a wonderful example" — Webster's New World Dictionary.

In this issue you will find accounts of miracles — on the vision quest, though incorporation, and in the words of poetry.

VISION QUEST           
Going Home - Scout Tomyris
Los Milagros - Beth Beurkens
Searching for the Holy Grail - Keith Howchi Kilburn
The Miracle of My Life - Phil Baum
Out of the Office and On to the Land - Sybil Meyer, MFT
What Are WE Mission?  - Tom McGee
Meeting Dragons  - Johnny Wells
The Vision Fast:Practicing Death and Rebirth - Munro Sickafoose

SEAL: Under the Skin of the Great Mystery - James Wright
A Meditation on Psychotherapy and Energy - Dr. Deni Horton

The Life of Death - Randy "Ducking Horse" Dolan
Heart Work - Randy "Ducking Horse" Dolan
The Empty Rune - Beth Beurkens
March Wind - Steven Foster
Mountain Creation - Dave Talamo
Grace of Age - Shawna Swetech