Circles on the Mountain 2006

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2006 Edition: "The Edge"

This issue includes stories from "the Edge" - paradoxical, complex, soul-wrenching.  Edges you will experience here include: the decision to live or die, incorporation after a vision fast, descent into the underworld of grief, the violent mining of a woman's gifts, femininity, divorce, facing past ritual abuse and taking care of self, as well as many others.

Light - Cara Wardlaw Bailey
I Have Been to the EdgeJesse Alexander Murray
To My Guides - Jonathon Montgomery
Bridge to the Unknown - Keith Heinbaugh
Crossing River Lethe - Anne Marie Molnar
​The Mine in My Mountain - Susan Hagen
The Big Mamma Bated Breath Role - Jill B. Murray
Following the Dragon's Helpers - John Davis
Musings From the Edge - Phil Baum
Skin - Tomi Weinbaum
Coming Home to the Mother Goddess - Corla Betrand
​The Messengers - Amy Katz
Stones - Emerald North 
Trail of Tears - Dave Montgomery
When Solos Turn Social - Nancy Jane
Praying for Rain - Carol Parker
Sierra Cup Bees - Scout Tomyris
​Human Nature - Deni Horton
Love Rides Silent - Deni Horton
Even Here - Dave Talamo
​My Edge - Mel Vandergriff
​Prayer to Tsunami - Amy Katz
The Hurricane as Modern Kali Fest - Michael Brant De Maria
Grand Adventure of the Heart: Ukraine - Keith "Howchi" Kilburn
​The Green Crystal - Fran Weinbaum
On the Edge of Light - Sahara Chaldean
​Dialectics, Koans & Visions - John Davis
Coyote Skinned Alive - James Wright
Grace - Keith Hinebaugh
​Friendship - Jim Mahoney
The River of No Return - Sparrow Hawk
Contributor's Biographies - Editor and All