Circles on the Mountain 2005

SKU: 2005
Edition 2005: Expanding Our Borders

The stories in this issue of Circles On the Mountain present just a few of the ways that people have ingested the core teachings that Steven and Meredith (and, as they would be the first to insist, generations of teachers from every culture on earth before them) brought forward and moved them into the world mixed with their own unique vision.
Expanding Our Borders: An IntroductionTrebbe Johnson
Soul Centered Dreamwork - Bill Plotkin
Born of Our Oneness With the Universe - Anne Stine
Facing the Mystery  - Patti Rieser
Hard Labor: Giving Birth to Mystery - Sparrow Hart
Our Lady Lavender - Keith Howchi Kilburn
Attending the Earth: Vigils for Wounded PlacesTrebbe Johnson
A Consulting Room Without Walls: The Day Quest - Sara Harris
Coyote Questing in the College Classroom - Amy Katz
Choosing Conscious Elderhood: A Wilderness Quest for People Seeking to Become Elder and Not Just Older  - Ron Pevny
Vision Quest: An Art-Based Rite of Passage for the Dying - Tonya Pepper
The Practice of Living and Dying - Meredith Little & Scott Eberl