Circles on the Mountain 2004

SKU: 2004
2004 Edition: The Steven Issue: Carrying the Torch, Passing It On

This issue of Circles on the Mountain was originally supposed to have focused on the theme of “widening our borders.” But when Steven died on May 6, 2003, we knew immediately that the issue had to be devoted to him. We also knew, however, that Steven would have hated a “memorial issue,” all praise and dispassion, all attention directed reverently at him. And so, we focus on how Steven’s flame enflamed others. Keep the fire inside you burning and pass it on, so it never dies.

Trebbe Johnson
Marilyn Riley
Tom Pinkson
Ron Pevny
Emerald North
Bill Plotkin
Jim Mahoney
Meredith Hotchkiss
Anne Stine
Linda Sartor
Farion Pearce
John Davis
Mary Perdue
Sparrow Hart
Cathie Helfand
Phil Baum
Pamela Stones
Marie Herbert
Krystyna Jurzykowski
Lynnaea Lumbard
Michael DeMaria
Norbert Kern
Jeremy Thres
Jonathan Massey
Linda Weber
Scout Tomyris
Hellwig Schinko
Xenia Richard
Ann Roberts
Haiko Nitschke
Franz P. Redl
Beth Beurkens
Judy Bekker
Klara Adalena
Claudia Pichl
Ute Buchholz
Andrea Fischer
Anna Coffman
Christi Strickland
Larry Hobbs
Peter Scanlan
Roger Milliken
Mike Beck
Scott Eberle, M.D.
Meredith Little