Circles on the Mountain 1997

SKU: 1997
Edition 1997: Focus on Adolescence
We know there is great power in leaving youth and mother nature alone, together. The focus of this issue is to share ways of guiding adolescents through wilderness rites of passage — in the form of stories, theory, poetry and art.
The Wilderness Guides Council - Marilyn Riley
Adolescents and the Need for Rites of Passage - Peter Wallis
The Community and the Drama of Initiation - Stan Crow
Maiden's Quest for Womanhood - Alexandra Hart
Bound in Thorns: A Case Study in Wilderness Therapeutics - James Wright
Wilderness rites of Passage in the Schools - Scott Johnson
Youth Vision Quest - Flynn Johnson
Except from forthcoming book "The Four Shields" - Steven Foster
Alternatives to Sentencing - Karen van Eden
Persephone Rides Off on a Dark Horse - Corla Varney
Reflections on Wilderness Solitude - Brendan
Alone - Lucie Duffort
Circling Seasons - Jess Rosencranz-Engleman
Alone - Alex Haddad
The Small Things in Life - Liz Schmohl
Journey into the Labyrinth - Carley Borgen
On the Fast - Maxwell King
From Death to Life: Marking our Journeys - Jenny Wiegel
Directory of Wilderness Rites of Passage Programs for Adolescents
Things to Read

Film Release - Lost Borders: Coming of Age in the Wilderness