Circles on the Mountain 1989 Winter/Spring

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Winter/Spring 1989 Edition

The Impact of Fasting on the Natural Environment - Steven Foster & Meredith Little
On Obtaining Permits - David La Chapelle, also David Wescott
​Wilderness Permits The Official Rules and Regulations - Mike Bodkin
Illegal Fire - Sedonia Cahill
Debating Certification: Bill Plotkin, David La Chapelle, David Wescott and Larry Buell
Modern Threshold Prototypes - Steven Foster & Meredith Little
A Vision Quest Experience Outline - Marilyn Riley & Betty Warren
Self Generated Ceremony: Empowerment, Sin, and Ceremony - Bill Plotkin
​A Recipe for Re-entry - Leav Bolender
​Menstruation - Meredith Little
Freshman Orientation - Beau Leonhart
Wallace Black Elk Speaks - Paul S. Ross
Prayer Feather Ceremony - Llyn Peabody
Wilderness Passage Rites and the Ivory Tower - John Davis
The Physical Plane: Threshold Safety - Steven Foster & Meredith Little
A Dream Beyond the Village - Bill Plotkin
​Heart Songs
Walkabout Vision Quest - Sue Lamb
The Bulletin Board