Cazeaux Nordstrum

Walnut Creek
Growing up in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona when the towns were small and the wild untamed lands were vast, Cazeaux lived among the influence of many native cultures.  The land itself was a spiritual center honored by the annual cycle of indigenous and religious rituals and ceremonies.  Traveling throughout the West as a child, camping from a young age gave her a sense of safety and an experience of the true mirroring of nature.

It was 1991 when she was drawn to her first rites of passage ceremony and began guiding the next year.  She stepped away for a decade to establish a psychotherapy practice in the Bay Area focusing on mid life and older life.  Sitting at the cross roads of adult middle years and elderhood for over 30 years has given Cazeaux a rich long view and a wisdom perspective that influences her work in and out of doors.  An elder herself in her 70s, the meaning of life especially in its later years is taking on greater significance.

Many years of Buddhist meditation with the particular influence of Zen and working in Japan with Japanese elders and their caregivers for twenty years has brought a new balance in her understanding of care giving and care receiving. Her background in Anthropology, Transpersonal Psychology, World Mythology and Native American Cultures - along with her personal connection to nature - has inspired her to integrate wilderness work and clinical psychology..