Carol Wilburn

Phoenixes Rising
Sandpoint and Carrboro
ID and NC
83864 and 27516
919 969-6553
Carol is a committed elder and teacher, a veteran vision fast guide and carrier of council, supporting the inquiring journeys of others through Earth and Council-centered ceremony since 1990. Phoenixes Rising is her cross-generational work linking elders and "youngers" in mutual support and inquiry towards living and serving into a kinder, sweeter future. Programs include rites of passage, council circles, and community projects.

Carol trained in rites of passage work initially with the Bear Tribe, founded by native Ojibway elder Sun Bear, and then extensively with Meredith and Steven Foster at the School of Lost Borders.  Over the years she has guided ~100 people in vision quests with various partners, trained rites of passage guides, and taught council as a continuing education class at Duke University.  She has been a long-standing member and leader of the Wilderness Guides Council.  She carries a deep awareness of the legacy we are creating for all the children, as well as the power of fasting time on the land to inspire each of us to risk bringing our fullness into our lives and the world.

Also a writer, a skilled carpenter, and a Professional Engineer, her latest endeavors in these realms are designing and building tiny homes in support of regenerative community that embodies simplicity, sustainability and the safeguarding of precious resources; and advocating for energy policies and technologies that support the health of the planet, all species, and future generations.