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Of Cherokee heritage, Carol is a naturalist, environmentalist, wilderness expert, author of “The Sacred Journey – A Quest for Vision Discovering the Soul’s Purpose”, and offers earth spirituality experiences through her organization -- Sacred Journeys. One of six generations of native Californians, Carol Hannagan has studied and learned in almost all of California's wilderness areas. From the age of six, her grandfather and father took her out to hike the mountains, fly fish the rivers, track animals, backpack, and hear from Great Spirit. They trained her to live in harmony in nature in a balanced and harmonious way.
Making the transition from the corporate world has not been easy for Carol, but the single most rewarding thing is knowing she is doing her Sacred Medicine and helping others discover their purpose. Through extensive training she is able to support others in this quest before going out on the land and after. She is committed to being of service to all that go out with her. The honor to be the witness and guide for Great Spirit to move in people out on the land during a quest is more rewarding than anything she could have ever imagined.
She learned respect for all of nature, from the plants to the rocks and soil from going out on quests starting at age seven. She has learned how to touch the Spirit which moves in all things and teaches others this valuable gift. Carol is now teaching others how to go back "home" to the earth and feel safe, secure, and loved by all that is part of Earth Mother. She teaches people how to listen to the spirit that moves in all things to get direction, answers, and healing from being one with the Earth.
Carol has studied with many of the masters in wilderness training. She has discovered, through these teachings commonalities and techniques as well as ancient customs universal to helping us return to our core purpose. Now she teaches others so they may feel the joy of being at one with themselves and with nature.
For many years as an executive in the corporate world, Carol was vibrantly successful traveling around the world as a women's apparel buyer for one of the largest retail department stores in the world. Then, very unexpectedly, she became critically ill. The doctor didn't know the medical problem. After four months of being bedridden and losing over half of her body weight, she knew she had to take her healing into her own hands. She went back to the old ways of her people. She went to Southwest to work with the Native American people who helped her by getting back on the land. Blending traditional medicine and the ancient ways of her people she began the slowly recovery back to wholeness. She was told by the shaman that it was her purpose to teach of the Spirit of the Earth Mother. She was told to return herself back to the Earth for her direction as she had when she was little. After two years of introspective healing on all levels, and many Vision Quests she committed herself to doing the work which Great Spirit had given her the gifts to teach. She quit her corporate job.
Being of service, has called Carol to new directions. She has been working with Severely Disabled students in high school and middle school as a teacher for over 14 years. This by far, is the most challenging avenue in her life, but the joy of having these students grow is wonderful. The students range from orthopedic, blind, deaf, down syndrome, autistic, and multiple disabilities. To be able to see past the disability and reach the spirit of each child is a joy few have experienced. This has been magic! In May of 2015, Carol retired to dedicate her life to supporting people on their quest by getting back to Mother Earth through her organization – Please join us on your quest.

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