Bryan Bieniek

Sourcing The Fire
Bryan is a teacher, artist, mentor, and Wilderness Rites of Passage guide. After fasting with the School of Lost Borders and serving as an assistant guide on one of their Youth Fasts, he has led Vision Fasts for youth and adults on the East Coast since 2012.  The positive success of the youth fasts led to the creation of Sourcing The Fire in 2016.  The organization, co-founded with Mike O’Donnell, serves the greater community, and offers Rites of Passage to adults. Bryan is continually in awe of the mystery and depth of the Vision Fast ceremony, and through it is continually becoming, falling in love with the land, humbled, and growing as he guides.  He is a student and servant of the ceremony.   
​Bryan also facilitates various retreats for both high school and college students, as well as individually mentoring people on Day Walks on the land.  He is currently enrolled at Prescott College where he is working on his M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseinbg with a concentration in Eco-therapy.
​He teaches full time as Department Chair of the Fine Arts at Mt. St. Joseph High School, and adjuncts with the School of Art Education, Maryland Institute College of Art.  While he is not teaching or in the woods, he will likely be found reading, or spending time with his wife and young boys.