Autumn Vision Quest in the English Lake District

Autumn Vision Quest English Lake District
Friday, September 22, 2017 to Sunday, October 1, 2017
The English District, UK
Guiding, tuition and accommodation fees - £795 Early bird option if booked before 1st May 2017 and paying in full - £700 (Non-refundable deposit of £295 payable upon enroling). Financial aid spaces available
“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” <!--break--> - Joseph Campbell. 

We all have a True Self, an innate potential that constantly seeks greater expression in the world. A Wild Rites vision quest is a ceremony of transformation and realignment with your True Self. By fasting alone, with Nature as your witness and guide, you are drawn into a deeper conversation with yourself and your purpose. 

The call to ceremony is rooted deep in our ancestral bones. Rites of passage such as the vision quest are our birthright and intentionally facilitate and contain the energy of life transitions or turning points. 

People come to our vision quests for many reasons. One thing they all have in common is that they are ready or called to express more of themselves in the world. Some participants are on an intentional journey and wish to catalyse their personal and spiritual growth. Many have simply reached a point where they can no longer continue as they have been. Some can no longer suffer the pain of misalignment between who they know themselves to be in their truth and the life they are living. For others, why they are called is hard to name, yet they know it’s presence. Click here for more on why ... is external) .

The programme is a 10-day long ceremony. You begin preparation the moment you decide to come and possibly long before. The ceremony consists of 3 days of preparing to fast (called separation), where you will be given an ancient means of looking into the mirror of nature (4 shields). The next 4 days and nights you will be fasting alone in nature with only water (transition), and the final 3 days you begin incorporating your experience (incorporation). We seriously encourage you to learn more about the process here... is external) .

The May quest will be held in a beautiful valley in the Lake District with woodland, open fells and rivers. The valley is quiet, secluded and we like to think of this special place as a hidden gem. To learn more about the May quest click here...

If you are called, contact us or visit the website to read more and book your place.

Guiding, tuition and accommodation fees  - £795

Early bird option if booked before 1st May 2017 and paying in full  - £700
(Non-refundable deposit of £295 payable upon enroling)
Maximum 8 places

Partial grant spaces - At Wild Rites we want the opportunity to enact a wilderness solo fast under guidance to be available to everyone, regardless of their economic status. We are committed to offering partial grants to those who are ready for soul-making in nature but unable to participate without financial aid.  If you would like to apply for a partial grant please contact for an application form. 

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