The art of Mirroring

Friday, October 15, 2021 to Sunday, October 17, 2021
Groß Thondorf, North Germany, 70km south of Hamburg
Sliding scale of 150 € - 250 €
The Art of Mirroring

Mirroring the story brought back from the land is one important part of our work.
In this workshop we will support you to practice mirroring and to find your unique way within this art.
It is about deeply listening and feeling seen and really understood.
It is about empowering and honouring....believing in the natural resources.
It is about loving and feeling loved!
We encourage you in these days to wear two participant, walking out on the land for short medicne walks and sharing you story brought back and at the same time as a trainee stepping up and finding its own way in the art of mirroring when listening to another person.
Watching this process over the years we offer that workshop is such a gift for us...deep gratitude!