Ancestral Grief Ritual

Ancestral Grief Ritual Asheville, North Carolina
Thursday, June 10, 2021 to Sunday, June 13, 2021
outside of Asheville, North Carolina

The Dagara tribe are from Burkina Faso deep in West Africa. One of their respected Elders and medicine men is Malidoma Somé whose first name means “friend of the enemy”. His purpose in life - ascribed to him before birth - is to help bring the teachings of his tribe to the modern world to reconnect us with our hearts. The Grief Ritual offered by Rites of Passage Council is an adaptation of a three day grief ritual traditional in his village.

Our version is a closed container that brings 20-40 people together for four days in a beautiful natural setting. Here we create our own village, build community and learn to trust each other. On the last day we collaborate to create a ceremonial space, gather our bundles of grief, and set up the drums. That evening, and often late into the night, we grieve together, as a village, as a people who share a common life experience.

Early Registration: $325 if paid in full before April 15.
Late registration: $375 if payment is made after April 15.