Amy Sugeno

Amy Sugeno, LCSW
Marble Falls
Amy Sugeno is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinical Ecotherapist based in the Hill Country of central Texas. Amy ​worked as a wildlife biologist for over 16 years, mostly studying birds, bats, and rare species before changing careers to become a Social Worker and therapist. She greatly enjoys integrating ecotherapy into the healing process of people who have experienced trauma, such as abuse, adoption, or receiving a cancer diagnosis. Amy has recently begun to expand her ecotherapy practice by adding a Mindfulness in Nature Meetup Group, open to anyone seeking to connect more deeply with nature, and training retreats for therapists. She regularly speaks to therapist groups about ecotherapy in hopes of building a vibrant ecotherapist community in the Austin, Texas, area. A lifelong lover of the outdoors, Amy loves to hike, birdwatch, camp, and backpack, especially anywhere in the Chihuahuan desert or Rocky Mountains.
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