Amanda Bathurst

British Columbia
Amanda first experienced the profound and therapeutic properties of nature as a young child. It is the land that truly taught her to move through challenges, connect, and dance her wildness! Her passion, for revealing these experiences to others, led her on an adventuresome path. Amanda pursued an education in both psychology and adventure tourism, while working in the field of outdoor education and wilderness therapy. She fell in love with holding space for people, while they find their edge and step beyond.

Inevitably, Amanda stumbled upon wilderness rites of passage and vision language for the powerful ceremony that had always been pulsing through her. This accelerated her journey with the wild, spending time navigating, training and/or shadowing with various mentors; including the School of Lost Borders, Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies, Sweet Medicine Sun Dance Path. Weaving Earth and more. Amanda is weaving her own web, incorporating the ongoing ceremony, so that it may be shared with others. Currently she's finishing an Environmental Studies degree in Community Development, with a minor in Ecopsychology at Prescott College.

Most recently, Amanda experienced the incredible rite of passage into Motherhood. The experience of pregnancy and birthing brought a new kind of wilderness, and her most powerful ceremony yet. She is interested in holding space for others experiencing the transition into parenthood and brining new life onto this beautiful Home we all share, where each unique soul has something amazing to offer. 
Amanda is the co-founder and facilitator of an Adult Wilderness Rites of Passage course at Educo Canada. While most of her present time is spent with her precious baby boy, Amanda continuously and consistently seeks ways to bring those profound and therapeutic qualities, of nature and ceremony, to her diverse communities.