7th International Gathering of
Wilderness Guides

September 10-16, 2017
Koenigsdorf, Germany


In September of 2017 the German-Speaking Network of Wilderness Guides (Visionssuche.net) will be hosting the 7th International Wilderness Guides Gathering in Koenigsdorf, Germany.

Registration for the event is open. Early-bird pricing ends March 15! Click on the following link to register: https://visionssuche.net/international-gathering-2017

Pre- and post-gathering workshops will also be offered as well as a 'coming home quest', as well as opportunities to join local guides in outings (to the Swiss Mountains, among other places).

For more information on the event, email ig2017@visionssuche.net

With the current refugee crisis in Europe, the themes of transition and identity so integral to our work, are naturally asking to be explored more fully during our time together. Other planned topics include the interface of wilderness rites or passage with the scientific communities and the media world, the work with youth at risk, and guest speakers events. There will also be an outside visitor conference day, designed to expose this work to the local communities.

You can also click here to link to the facebook group where updates are also posted periodically.

We hope you will consider joining us at this potent cross-cultural gathering. And remember, that we do have some scholarship help available to aid North American guides in attending. Application information will come out after the new year.