11 Day Encampment & VIsion Quest Ceremony

VIsion Quest Ceremony North Carolina, USA
Tuesday, April 20, 2021 to Friday, April 30, 2021
outside of Asheville, North Carolina

Deep within your soul lies a fire that directs your passion and purpose. Often this flame lies quiet like the ancient whispers of smoldering embers; sometimes directed by those internal voices, not belonging to you, that came from another time and place.

You reach out to your brothers and sisters and echo these words: WHO AM I?

The Vision Quest ceremony has been used in various forms for thousands of years by peoples from all over the planet. The modern version of the Vision Quest or Wilderness Fast typically involves four days and four nights fasting (no food), alone, in the wilderness. Through an eco-spiritual process we will assist you in releasing repressed emotions and old belief patterns that no longer serve you. This will enable you to identify, with clear intention, the passage of your life that you are ready to mark as you enter the threshold phase of your initiation. It is here that we will guide you in embracing new ways of living, loving and learning.

To learn more about our program and register: Vision Quest — Rites of Passage Council