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Circles on the Mountain 2011

2011 Edition: Embracing Our Indigenous Soul

In poetry and prose, facts and musings, the indigenous soul speaks in the writings and contained in this truly amazing issues of Circles. The words are tender, desperate, hopeful, full of grief and, ultimately, all are filled with a deep love of Earth and all who dwell on and within Her. It is our cultivation of mutual dependency that waters our Souls so that we can in turn Come Down from the Mountain to Turn the World Around.

Editorial  - Fran Weinbaum
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Circles on the Mountain 2019


Editor's Note:
For our theme "Living in Difficult Times," we have drawn in a variety of voices. These voices affirm the exquisite awareness that all times can be challenging, and that how we bring our attention to the stirrings in families, in daily life, and in relationship to the earth shape our perceptions and actions.

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Circles on the Mountain 2013

2013 Edition: Rites of Passage in a Rapidly Changing World

In this varied, rich and provocative issue, readers will find deeply personal stories about cancer recovery, veterans with post-traumatic stress, gender choice, farming, generational healing and reconciliation, becoming an Elder, and creating a sustainable lifestyle. The individual’s personal journey toward wholeness is in service to a greater good. And now at this time in human history, with cultural upheaval and planetary change, perhaps this journey is more critical than ever.

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Circles on the Mountain 2012

2012 Edition: Incorporating Community

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This issue is a composite understanding of "Incorporating Community."  We read here about strategies for creating and maintaining incorporation communities; calls for shifts in consciousness; the importance of maintaining global perspectives on difference, fasting, vision, guiding, and the evolution of incorporation.  We are fortified, too, by the reminder that our communities include all the Beings, as guides and teachers in simple beauty.  
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